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Hello Everyone,

So it's all been a bit too quiet on our Official Site of late, for which we apologise! Sometimes life just pours in and leaves us frustratingly little time to login in and update everything but we're trying to become more efficient! PROMISE!! 

If you want constant updates on what we're up to then sign up to us on Twitter where you can talk to the band personally - we promise we'll get back to you if you have any questions. Just clikc on the TWITTER link at the top of this page.

Our latest single 6 YEARS LATER has been doing incredibly well! We've been played for the past couple of months all over the UK and climbed up the Amazing Radio Chart for a few weeks, getting into the Top 10! So we thank them and their listeners for the support they've shown us.

The video, which you can watch in our MEDIA section or head over to

has been massive online with nearly 85,000 views already on Youtube alone! Another BIG thank you to Beyond Words for making this idea come true. Laura Marling has caught on and has just employed them to do her latest music video also!

Things are a little up in the air at the moment as we try to secure dates for a mini-tour around the UK and look at recording a new single / EP called FEAR OF WORDS that we intend to release early next year. We're trying to find a publisher and booking agent at the moment to help give us a little more security and once that hopefully happens - you'll be seeing us on the road far more often, which is what we'd like.


For the time being, keep checking back for updates, make sure you take a look at all our videos and vignettes, download loads of free songs from my side projects (all for FREE in our MEDIA section), and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. There's a BIG 10 Part Making Of the album that we'll be putting up in instalments over October. So keep an eye out.

Hope you're having a wonderful day and don't forget, if you want to play some games with me then hit up my Gamertag on XBOX 360 : smdge


Al. x




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